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Breaks are important, whether it is for lunch, Christmas, or from those cheeseburgers that seem to show up on your plate too many days in a row. Breaks offer a chance for us to appreciate the things that we take time away from even more; or offer a reprieve from the things that sap our energy throughout the day. If you’re lucky enough to go home for your lunch break every day, you know how relaxing it can be to put your feet up for a few minutes before getting back to work. I took a brief break from writing this winter. Motivation and inspiration can be fleeting even in a normal year, throughout the pandemic they have eluded even the most driven of folk. So today, I wanted to break down how to benefit the most from your daily (or monthly) breaks!

If you are having trouble with inspiration

  • Turn off that TV and flip on the radio and open your favorite book, I always end up feeling more creative when I’m reading or listening to music.
  • Go for a walk! Or do some jumping jacks, or just stretch; anything to get the blood moving in your body will wake your brain up.
  • Get some sunshine! The sun has a ton of healthy benefits (in limited quantities), it improves your mood, your bones, your sleep, and just feels dang good to soak up.

If you need a break from food or drink

  • Find some healthier alternatives! Drop the snickers and break off a chunk of dark chocolate, swap that sprite with a lime LaCroix, try your favorite cocktail without the spirits if drinking plain old tap water gets boring.
  • Every time you think about your cravings, do an exercise! Five push ups here and a couple of star jumps there will add up quick if you think about Sour Gummy Worms as much as I do.
  • Once your break is over, you’ll be amazed at how much more delicious chocolate cake or gin and tonics are!
You ever just, walk through a field of weeds with your arms above your head? Me too.

If you need a break from staring at that junk in the corner, rent some space at Interstate Storage! For the month of March, rent a 5×5 or 5×10 and your first full month of rent is only $1! These spaces are perfect for that pile of winter clothes you won’t put back on until (hopefully) next November.

As always we want to thank our tenants for renting with us and remind everyone that leaving us a review on Google or our website will net you a $10 credit towards your next months rent!


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