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Right Around the Corner

Can you feel it? I can. The air is getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier, birds are leaving. That’s winter. It’s coming. Goodbye beach, goodbye barbecue, goodbye camping. Soon our state will be blanketed in white once again. We’ll trade in our bikes for sleds and our tent poles for ski poles.

Don’t lose your head over the snow this year!

I for one hate staring at all my summer gear once it is unusable. My poor golf clubs sitting in the corner of my closet begging me to take them out one more time. I can’t even find my ball when the ground is covered in green!

At Interstate Storage we have the perfect place for everyone’s summer toys. Our 5×5 and 5×10 units (going for only $19 and $39 respectively) can comfortably fit kayaks, tents, bicycles, motorcycles, golf clubs, and everything else under the sun that will soon be taken away from us for half the year. Our entire building is climate controlled (read: heated), meaning no snow capped kayak when all that snow melts and fills up our lakes and rivers next spring!

As always we want to thank our tenants for renting with us and remind everyone that leaving us a review on Google or our website will net you a $10 credit towards your next months rent!


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