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Dog Days

We’re in the dog days of summer, now. That used to mean more dogs were rabid, now it seems we’re the ones going crazy. How many masks can one sweat through in a day? We can’t even go to the movies! As we burn through our Netflix catalogs and Spotify playlists, many are beginning to turn to more old school ways to keep ourselves entertained. Board games, coloring books, real books!

This is Jane, she’s not rabid, just sleepy.

I know, for me personally, most of the good stuff is buried under a pile of things I haven’t touched in a few years. You know, the things that you forgot you had, but when you see them and your wife says it’s time to throw that away and you agree but then it goes back in the pile? We’ve got the extra space to brighten up your home and make it easier to grab Monopoly out of the closet. With our price match guarantee, you’ll be sure to get the lowest possible price for your first three months of renting, at the best possible storage facility: Interstate Storage! We’ll even go below our crazy stimulus special prices of $19 for a 5×5 or $39 for a 5×10 if you can find another storage facility in Lakeville that beats it!

As always we want to thank our tenants for renting with us and remind everyone that leaving us a review on Google or our website will net you a $10 credit towards your next months rent!


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