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Spooky Season

We’re in it, now. We had our first forty degree day since April and- wait, is that snow? No, nevermind, it’s just some teenagers in a bed sheet recording a TikTok. The birds are leaving. If there is anything that knows what time it is, it’s birds. They can’t even use the internet! But they know what time it is. Once the birds start leaving, my patio furniture goes away. I’m lucky, I have a tiny patio (with tiny furniture). That means my stuff fits into a 5×5 (which right now are only $19 a month for the first three months). If you are lucky and have a giant patio, or a motorcycle, or a kayak, or any other cool outdoor things that help you float or glide or have fun outside, Interstate Storage has a pumpkin head bucket full of deals for you to choose from to make storage inexpensive and convenient!

I guess I’m old now because I don’t understand this.

If, like me, you only have a couple of chairs or some bins full of beach toys, our 5x5s on the first floor are only $19 a month for the first three months! If you need TWO 5x5s, or TWO 5x10s, they’re BOGO all month! If you need a bigger space, like a 10×10, you would be able to use our U Haul truck for free for a day! As you can see, Interstate Storage has your back when it comes to keeping your things safe and warm all winter.

As always we want to thank our tenants for renting with us and remind everyone that leaving us a review on Google or our website will net you a $10 credit towards your next months rent!


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