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Spring Stimulus

We’ve all been stuck inside for going on two months now. That is a long time. I’ve gone through about fourteen frozen pizzas and six cases of La Croix (Passionfruit and Peach-Pear have been hitting the spot recently). We’re supposed to be at baseball games and bonfires by now! Catching our first tan before the blaze of summer comes to our backyards. Instead we’re inside watching season 13 of Survivor again (Cook Islands, I love you Jonathan Penner). Instead I’m spreading out my laundry so I have something to do tomorrow that isn’t staring at my phone for four hours and then… getting into bed and staring at my phone for four hours.

I’ve never been one for jewelry but this diamond has me drooling lately.

It sounds like some more businesses may be opening in the coming weeks, we’d like to help everyone patronize them by patronizing us! For the month of May, our 5×5 units are starting at $19 per month, and our 5×10 units are starting at $29! That means more money in your pocket for curbside pickup from the other local businesses in Lakeville. These units are perfect for emptying out that corner of the basement full of nicknacks you’ve been staring at for the last two months.

As these businesses open back up for curbside pickup, social distancing practices are becoming more important than ever. Stay in your car when doing a pickup, wear a mask if you have to go into a store, wash your hands, and try not to touch common surfaces or your face! Minnesota has been a leader in limiting COVID-19 as much as possible and Interstate Storage is doing its part to help!

As always, we want to thank our tenants for storing with us. We’d also like to remind everyone that if you leave us a review on Google or our website you will receive $10 off your next month’s rent!


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