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Combating COVID-19

What I do when someone gets within 6 feet of me

Now that the year of March is over, I’d like to update you on what’s going on at Interstate Storage. While a large portion of the places we all frequent daily have tragically had to close; Interstate Storage is OPEN! We are keeping regular hours, as it is essential we are available to help current and prospective tenants with their current or future living situations. We are taking every possible precaution in regards to preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • We have a station near the elevator for wiping down any buttons, cart handles, or door handles anyone wishes to sanitize before or after use
  • Emma and I are personally sanitizing all doors, chairs and the elevator after each use.
  • The bathroom is cleaned and sanitized daily
  • We are social distancing from each other and customers as much as possible (even in the elevator!)
  • Our website also has a move-in online feature, meaning the only necessary contact you make with us is picking up your lock from the office!

While we all have been told how to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Many of us are probably getting restless remaining at home as much as possible. I thought I’d try to help with some recommendations on combating that feeling you get after staring at your phone for six hours in a row and then just going to bed and doing the same thing.

  • Exercise! Even if you’re just going on a short walk or stretching when you wake up, exercising = serotonin = you feel better.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink a ton of water, it’s great for your metabolism and you might realize half the time you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty.
  • Karaoke! Once you get through the first thirty seconds of feeling dumb, it’s actually pretty fun.
  • Games! My wife and I try to play one game a day, so far we’ve learned Backgammon, Cribbage, and our favorite: “Who does our dog run to when we stand on opposite sides of the room?”

As always, we want to thank our tenants for storing with us. We’d also like to remind everyone that if you leave us a review on Google or our website you will receive $10 off your next month’s rent! Finally, any new customer who signs up in April will receive the month of May for FREE!


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