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Coming out of our Cave

And we’re feeling just fine! The time of hibernation is over, that pesky groundhog was right on the money. Just over six weeks after Groundhog Day and we are seeing some beautiful Minnesota spring weather. Spring at Interstate Storage means one thing: business. The second that thermometer reads above freezing, everybody and their sister need storage. Increased activity at the facility means a few different things: a busier drive-thru, a busier elevator, decreased unit availability.

Drive-thru/Elevator Etiquette

  • If you plan on rearranging your unit or spending time (more than 15 minutes without coming downstairs) upstairs, consider parking outside once your vehicle is unloaded.
  • Pull off to either side of the drive-thru as best you can. This will allow the maximum amount of vehicles to utilize the drive-thru without worrying about getting stuck or needing to back out of the entrance doors.
  • If you notice the facility getting busier, try to limit your cart and dolly usage to one or two per party.
  • Want to avoid the crowds entirely? Trying stopping by during the week either on your way to or from work, or on your lunch break! The weekend is always much busier around here, naturally.
  • Refrain from holding the elevator doors open manually, or sticking things in the doorway to keep them from closing, this can cause the elevator to reset itself and shut down, meaning nobody can use it.

We love the warmer weather here at Interstate Storage. The warmer it gets, the more people seem to need storage. If you are in need of storage, I recommend making your reservations as soon as you know what you need! Our unit availability in the summer months dwindles down to odds and ends and I hate to tell any of you that I am unable to suit your storage needs.

As always we want to thank our tenants for renting with us and remind everyone that leaving us a review on Google or our website will net you a $10 credit towards your next months rent! Follow our social media pages and check our website for deals and reduced rental rates.


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