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Leaping Over March

Happy February! January only lasted three years. Football is over and tax season is here, we’d like to help you hang on to more of your return than usual! This month, all month, to celebrate the “leap year”, if you sign up for any size unit, we’ll pay for your rent in March! That means getting a head start on spring cleaning (more on that next month). That means more money in the bank, or finally splurging on that new bowling ball you’ve been staring at online for the last six months, or the new Call of Duty game so your best friend shuts up about how he never gets to see you.

ANYWAYS, free money! We’re basically paying you to have a better life, more space in your home, less anxiety over your things getting damaged by snow or freezing temperature.

This guy gets it

As always, we’d like to thank our current tenants for storing with us and remind them that if they leave a review either on our website or on google, they will receive a $10 credit to their account!


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